“Write an entire monologue with your main character if you have to. Spend a chapter just exploring the life story of an antagonist. They don’t have to be scenes in chronological order. They don’t even have to end up in your book. But they will help you to keep going.

Because you must keep going. Just a little more. You are stubborn. You are exhausted. You are determined. You are a Writer.”

marielubooks, on making it through the dark swamp. (via thebookhangover)

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Murakami section in Blackwell’s book shop, Oxford.

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I didn’t want to do this. I didn’t want to tempt you guys any further. But i can’t not share this picture. Ya feel me?

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Not ours! Contact if yours!

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A Custom Font That Helps Kids Learn to Read and Write | Design | WIRED

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5 // books in a bag // some lil Popular Penguins sticking out of the cutest book bag that my sister made for me many years ago.

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“Well,” she said. “I’m frustrated.”
“Don’t make me angry-kiss you.”
“Give me the laundry.”
“Tempers rising, faces flushed … This is how it happens.” 

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The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald. 1925.

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